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Letter to the Parliamentary Welfare Committee in Iceland

11. June 2021

The human rights organization MÍN LEID – MITT VAL sent the following letter to the Parliamentary Welfare Committee yesterday. It is requested that the committee discuss the numerous human rights violations committed around the C-19 vaccinations.

To the Chairman of the Parliamentary Welfare Committe mrs. Helga Väla Helgadottir and other committee members

Dear Chairman Helga Vala

We who stand for the human rights organization MÍN LEÍD — MITT VAL would like to draw the attention of the Parliamentary Welfare Committee to the fact that gross violations of human rights are taking place in this country in connection with the experimental vaccinations that people are invited to take part in and that everyone is encouraged to participate in.

In the presentations to citizens about vaccinations with these vaccines, which are not vaccines in the true sense and are all exempted, nowhere does it state that it is an experiment or that people have a CHOICE as to whether they accept the substances or not, unless they search carefully on the website of the national doctor.

We also believe that people’s human rights are being violated according to the following points, where information from Risk Management Plan 2.0 from April 29, 2021 with some changes from Risk Management Plan 1.0 from December 20, 2020, for the Comirnaty substance from Pfizer/BioNTech has not been presented to the public. It states the following:


1 – Not long ago, an epidemiologist announced that it was planned to vaccinate children aged 12-15 who had underlying diseases. On p. 72 of the Risk Management Plan 2.0 report, states that immunocompromised individuals, but those with underlying diseases, have not been included in vaccine trials to date, as they have compromised immune systems.

They therefore had a limited immune response to the vaccines and therefore it was believed that they would not show a full response to the chemicals. Children with underlying diseases have a compromised immune system or are immunocompromised and therefore the vaccine should not be used on them.

In addition, children at this age are not autonomous, there is no compulsory vaccination, and therefore, in our opinion, an epidemiologist does not have the authority to invite these children to be vaccinated, without submitting it to their parents first – and at the same time informing them that children with underlying diseases did not participate in experiments with the materials.

We consider this plan of the epidemiologist a violation of the human rights of this group.


2 – In the same Risk Management Plan 2.0 report on p. 72 states that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding have not been included in trials with the vaccine. It also states that there is no information about the effect of the substance on them, and that it is not known whether the substance would have unexpected negative consequences for the embryo or fetus.

  • Therefore, we consider it a violation of human rights that pregnant women are being vaccinated with these substances – contrary to the instructions that the epidemiologist, national doctor, nurses and doctors involved in these vaccinations should have read in the Risk Management Plan 1.0 report on Comirnaty, as well as in its 2.0 version.


3 – Furthermore, we consider it a violation of human rights that the information that can be found in table 44 on p. 114 in the Risk Management Plan 2.0 have not been presented to people, but it states that there is no information on important risk factors for the use of Comirnaty for:

  • a) Women during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

    b) Those who have immunity brochures.

    c) Those who are weak or have underlying diseases. (All our older people.)

    d) Those with autoimmune diseases or inflammatory diseases.

    e) Use of Comirnaty with other vaccines. (Doesn’t an epidemiologist plan to offer those who received AstraZenece a second dose of another vaccine?)

    f) There is no information on the long-term effects of these vaccines. (Only hope as they are in trials until 2023.)




4 – In tables 45-52 on p. 114-117 in the Risk Managem to respond in any way (for recovery) to the side effects listed there and which may be the result of vaccination with Comirnaty (Pfizer/BioNTech).ent Plan 2.0 states that it is NOT possible.

We consider it a serious violation of human rights that people were not presented with this information before reaching out to receive this substance, as well as other vaccines that are being used.

At the same time, we believe it is a violation of human rights to allow the use of these substances in this country, without making people aware that they are participating in an experiment and educating them about the incurable side effects that can follow them, but one of them is a death, despite the declarations of the health authorities that they are completely unrelated to the vaccines.

We at the organization MÍN LEÍD – MITT VAL request that the Welfare Committee take these issues into consideration and correct these human rights violations already by stopping all vaccinations in the country.


Sigurlaug Þuríður Ragnarsdóttir

chairman MY WAY – MY CHOICE


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