Norway need to help Icelanders

Ekeberg believes that the Norwegian administration has not done enough for Iceland. “We are of the opinion that Norway should come to the aid of the Icelanders and stand by them without the conditions of the International Monetary Fund and the British and Dutch. We believe that the Icesave case and the economic plan that the International Monetary Fund has presented for Iceland play a role in deepening the Icelandic financial crisis. Therefore, we consider that Norway is not currently helping Iceland, at the same time that we are in a unique position to help Icelanders with a loan facility, as we have money available in the oil fund.”

Strengthened the bargaining position

Ekeberg believes the need is urgent. “Such a loan would strengthen Iceland’s negotiating position in the Icesave case and in the restoration of the financial system […] We have tried to expose the myth that Norway proved to be a great support for Icelanders during the crisis.”

Ekeberg points out that the British and Dutch have reduced supervision of the financial market. Both nations have allowed Landsbankinn to open and advertise Icesave, and therefore the collapse of the account is not a problem that Icelanders alone have to deal with.