Actor Rob Schneider is ruining the debate over compulsory vaccination – This is an incredible debate that has no legal foundations, violates our Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. -

Actor Rob Schneider is ruining the debate over compulsory vaccination – This is an incredible debate that has no legal foundations, violates our Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.


Thank you mr. Schneider from Iceland !

Thank you mr. Schneider from Iceland !

Actor Rob Schneider is ruining the debate over compulsory vaccination – This is an incredible debate that has no legal foundations, violates our Constitution and the Nuremberg Code.

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Thank you mr. Schneider from Iceland !



I’m just asking like this, because I’m not sure many people have come across a full description of it. However, I see in the report Iceland and the Fourth Industrial Revolution [i] , commissioned by the Prime Minister’s Office and Iceland’s Cabinet and published in February 2019, that the current government’s strategy is to lead Iceland into the future according to the model that Klaus Schwab has created.

Klaus Schwab [ii] also calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution the Great Reboot . For the past few decades, he has hosted the so-called Davos conference, but only invited guests attend, most of them on private jets, except perhaps Greta Tunberg, who attends on foot.

In recent years, more than two thousand people have attended the conference every year. Among them have been heads of state (former president Ólafur Ragnar was a frequent visitor there), CEOs of large multinational companies and pharmaceutical companies, representatives from the International Monetary Fund, the WHO, representatives from the Federal Reserve Bank (privately owned by the Rockerfeller and Rothschild families) in the United States, representatives of large companies in the technology sector and others to determine for the more than 7.8 billion inhabitants of the Earth what their future should be and what direction their lives should take.


One of the things that Klaus Schwab states over and over and seems to have a lot of support for is that the people of the future will be what he calls “transhuman”, and I mean transhuman:

“The transformation of man is an integral part of the Great Rebirth.
            The fourth industrial revolution will lead to the fusion of the physical, digital and
            biological in the individual. Implantable microchips will read
your thoughts.” 

Many foreign doctors (refer to one [iv] ) warned all last year that if we did not kick our feet, we were facing the end of humanity as it has been until now.

The transformation of man has already begun. It began around the world with a relentless vaccination campaign at the end of last year. The “vaccine” in question is actually a gene-altering agent, so those who have received it are already in the transformation process. It will probably continue with the next injections.

Can’t be, you might say! Unfortunately, it may well be.


Moderna proudly announces on their website that their “vaccine” contains “software for life” . [v] Their mRNA software works like an operating system in a computer and is designed to connect and play (execute) different programs. The program or app in their mRNA is the mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence with the format symbol (code) for a protein.

Although Pfizer has not boasted in the same way as Moderna, there is every chance that they have software in their gene-editing material as well.

I approached a technician in the computer industry and asked if software didn’t need a computer to run. He guessed that the mRNA programming was not unlike the old punch cards used in the early days of computer technology. The software would be programmed to execute some specific function, when the operator pressed the “enter” key on the keyboard. Now it can be done through the “cloud”.


The ideology of the Great Reboot is to get rid of the middle class, the individuals who have been running small and medium-sized businesses and making their owners dependent on government handouts to survive. The globalists want to gain complete control over the world and control it with the world’s big corporations.

This has been very successful with the ‘Covid Fear Campaign’. Small family and sole proprietorships have gone or are going bankrupt one after the other. Although there have been bridging loans and various subsidies for the tourism industry, the central bank governor recently [vi] said that it is likely that many of them will go bankrupt in the near future.

In the Great Reboot, there will be a lot of asset confiscation, because in 2030 nobody will have anything in the truest sense of the word. Neither a house, a car, clothes, furniture nor any of the things that the person gets rationed – if he behaves according to the rules of totalitarianism (keep China in mind for comparison).

You will be thinly rationed money according to a special credit system already in place in China [vii] . You get to enjoy travel and certain benefits if you behave well, but lose them if you misbehave. Your every move – now that you’re connected to the cloud – will be tracked via satellite, so you can be caught ‘ before you commit a crime’ so to speak – and some neighbor will be hired to spy on you and other neighbors.

Everyone should live in dense urban centers – including those of you who currently live in the countryside. See how Reykjavík is densifying settlements with no access to cars. The totalitarian state also plans to own ALL natural resources, ration water, electricity, heat, access to social media and other things to the citizens. According to the Great Reboot, we are to be obedient slaves – which by 2030 may have been upgraded to 5.0. Who knows?


Really? I thought 90% of the population would have done it, so great is their interest in running in lines and having their arm pierced to transform into a human being 2.0 and at the same time insisting that all kinds of restrictions be placed on the country and its people, without to realize that they will never be taken off.

However, I can definitely tell you that if you didn’t order this future, it’s not too late to kick your feet if you want to reverse the process. Otherwise, everyone in this country, down to the age of 16, will become transformed human beings 2.0 – a process that can NEVER be reversed – by June 30 if the government’s plans go ahead.

It is best that the politicians, together with the national doctor (and her mother-in-law), the epidemiologist and the mayor escape, because naturally they are not going to accept this experimental treatment.


And don’t think that you can ask the authorities for help. They stand behind this trick to the Icelandic people, all as one and feed us with propaganda and endless lies.

It might be good for them to remember that when it comes to Nuremberg Trials 2 – the first were after World War II [viii] – it’s no use saying, “I was just following orders.” That’s no excuse.

Photo:  CanStockPhoto/ alphaspirit and from the website of Moderna and the Nuremberg trials.













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