IT ENDS HERE! - FRIDA, Danish association for freedom and health, articles of association, is suing the National Board of Health and a number of ministers to stop the Danish corona restrictions! -

IT ENDS HERE! – FRIDA, Danish association for freedom and health, articles of association, is suing the National Board of Health and a number of ministers to stop the Danish corona restrictions!


On the Internet you can see that in June 2021 a referendum was to be held in Switzerland, where all eligible Swiss were given the opportunity to vote on a proposal that the Swiss government should be deprived of the possibility of making more corona restrictions, but FRIDA is not aware of whether the vote has been conducted or of its results.

FRIDA believes that the time has long come for all Danish corona restrictions to be removed; in fact, FRIDA believes that they have never been necessary, beneficial or sensible.

Therefore , in August 2021 , the association FRIDA, CVR no. 41857552 , will file a single lawsuit against the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Business Affairs, the Minister of Employment and the National Board of Health. It is possible that the Minister of Culture and the Prime Minister will also be sued in the same case, and JFK21 is considering joining as a co-plaintiff to support the trial.

The purpose of the case is to halt the possibility for the minority government and its ministers to issue new corona restrictions – something that is possible for ministers today on the basis of the new epidemic law – and to make the most of the current corona restrictions, including in particular the rules on corona passport, test coercion and restriction of assembly freedom, legally invalid.

This will automatically happen if FRIDA wins the lawsuit, as the courts will, if necessary, remove the necessary legal basis for the restrictions. If you are a lawyer, you can read the draft of the allegations in the case, which is inserted at the bottom of the press release, and thereby see how this is technically implemented.

FRIDA has been approved to carry out nationwide fundraisers, and has already started raising money for the trial. We expect that the lawsuit will be conducted in two instances, the High Court and the Supreme Court, and will cost around DKK 500,000 in total. lawyer lessons, and of how much voluntary help for i.a. translation from English to Danish and obtaining scientific and statistical documentation material that we will succeed in obtaining. See below how you might. even can help if you want to support the cause.

If you want to support the case financially, you can contribute by transferring money to FRIDA’s account in Danske Andelskassers Bank, Copenhagen Branch, account no. 5999 – 1051000.

All funds collected will be used in full to conduct the trial, primarily to pay for legal assistance.

On its website, FRIDA will regularly inform about how much money has been raised for the purpose and how things are going with the lawsuit, which is planned by Støttrup Advokatfirma on Bredgade in Copenhagen .

Initially, FRIDA is betting on collecting DKK 100,000, but should it go so far as to succeed in collecting DKK 500,000, the collection will be put on hold until further notice.

FRIDA also seeks contact with people who have the desire, time and ability to help with the trial. We need help with:

  • Fundraising (so far the main goal).
  • Dissemination of information on the purpose and content of the trial
  • Translation of evidence, especially scientific articles, from English to Danish.
  • Collection and organization of statistical information material that tells about Covid-19’s risk of infection, danger and spread.
  • New members for FRIDA – it costs DKK 300 a year to be a member.

Contact us if you want to help! We can be contacted by e-mail: – MAIN EMAIL – please write to this. (chairman, cand. jur. & scient. soc. Mikkel Kaastrup) (vice chairman, chiropractor Frank Christensen) (Treasurer Lotte Mikkelsen)

Registration in FRIDA:

If you want to register with FRIDA, then transfer the membership fee of DKK 300 to FRIDA’s account no. 5999-1051000 with the text “Registration” + your first name and last name, and then send an e-mail to foreningenfrida @ protonmail. com OG with the text:

“Hi Lotte,

I would like to be a member of FRIDA, and have paid DKK 300 in membership fees. Please note me in the member list – I consent to FRIDA storing my personal information. ”

PLEASE ATTEND the account statement from your online bank, which shows that you have paid the DKK 300, and remember to state your full name and address, and also your telephone number.

We receive many inquiries per. email, so it may take some time before we respond.

Content of the trial: The

trial requires ministries to recognize that a number of the corona rules issued, including the most important parts of the corona passport ordinances, and the ordinance that no more than 500 persons may gather in one place, are invalid.

In addition, the lawsuit requires the National Board of Health to recognize that Covid-19 is not a generally dangerous disease. It is only because the National Board of Health in March 2021, at the same time as the Folketing passed the new epidemic law, decided that Covid-19 was now, as before, not just a common infectious disease like influenza, but suddenly from day to day had become a “dangerous” , generally dangerous disease, that the government today, based on the new epidemic law, has the opportunity to create new corona restrictions or maintain the existing corona restrictions. That possibility lapses immediately if Covid-19 is not a generally dangerous disease.

Furthermore, the lawsuit requires the Minister of Health to recognize that Covid-19 is not a socially critical disease. For most of the corona restrictions can only be made or maintained if Covid-19 is a socially critical disease, otherwise it lapses.

In FRIDA’s opinion at the National Board of Health, it is very good that Covid-19 is not a generally dangerous disease, but it has been ordered to claim it anyway, and its management has obeyed as so often before. It is an open question whether the Minister of Health knows that Covid-19 is not a socially critical disease, but in FRIDA’s view, virtually all members of the Folketing know this, just as it is clear to the employees of the Ministry of Health who have medical insight. Nevertheless, the Minister of Health has decided that Covid-19 is a socially critical disease – and here we are at the core of the political crime, such as the corona crisis:

The political authorities believe that they have the right to determine what reality is and that everyone else must do justice, even when they decide that reality is something completely different from what it really is, and something completely different from what is logically possible. thinking, common sense, own personal experience and application of scientific method can prove. They do not just want power over our bodies – e.g. force us to be “vaccinated”, wear masks and refrain from moving freely in our own country, they will also have power over our thoughts and consciousness, and decide what we should perceive as real; hence the widespread use of censorship, propaganda and “fact checkers”.

At the same time, they think we are all so stupid that we cannot fathom their antics and manipulations, their ridiculous and absurd lies, and their morbid lust for power, even though the world is filled with millions of well-educated and critically thinking people who through their lives have seen many lies, deceptions and manipulations, and know that there are always people who are willing to use these methods for selfish purposes.

As an obvious example of this distortion of reality through lies and persistent propaganda through the controlled mass media, it can be mentioned that the “vaccines” “against covid-19” are claimed to be vaccines (ie weakened or dead viruses, which strengthen the immune system’s ability to fight the live viruses), but in reality gene therapy, which makes changes in the cells of the “vaccinated” and – as far as can be deduced from the research literature – typically causes large amounts of microbial clots in the “vaccinated”. They are claimed to be able to prevent people from being infected with Covid-19, but can not, and they are claimed to be harmless, but on the contrary are quite dangerous to people’s health, and have already led to thousands of deaths, in Denmark alone.

Danish health authorities prove that the “vaccine” does not protect against Covid-19:

That the “vaccines” do not work against “Covid-19” is fully documented by the Danish “health” authorities, e.g. on the Statens Seruminstitutt’s website:

Here you can read that 5,081 Danes have been “infected” with Covid-19 after they have received the first “vaccination”:

Infected after the 1st vaccination
In the period 27 December to 1 June, there have been a total of 123,179 covid-19 cases in Denmark. Out of them, there have been 5,801 covid-19 cases among people who have been vaccinated for the first time, but before the person has received another bite. This corresponds to approximately 4.7% of cases.

Among these 5,801 covid-19 cases, there have been 585 admissions within 14 days of the person receiving a positive PCR test. 312 deaths were recorded within 30 days after the positive PCR test. Infected after 2nd vaccination SSI’s figures also show that 1,334 covid-19 cases were found after a person was vaccinated a second time. This corresponds to almost 1% of the total number of covid-19 cases.

972 out of the 1,334 cases (72.8%) were found after the full effect of the vaccine was introduced. They are therefore called breakthrough infections. That is, infections that “break through” the full effect of the vaccine. The proportion of breakthrough infections corresponds to 0.1% of people with the expected full effect of the vaccines. Among these 1,334 covid-19 cases, 147 have been hospitalized within 14 days after positive PCR testing, and there have been 40 deaths within 30 days after the positive PCR test. Of those, 107 admissions and 22 deaths occurred among people with breakthrough infections. ”

The question then is what is the reason why they were admitted, resp. died. Is it because of the “vaccine”, “covid-19”, or that they have been run over by a bus?

SSI further writes that these “breakthrough vaccinations” must either be due to the “vaccine” not working or that the PCR test shows false positives:

Why do people get covid-19 despite vaccination?
SSI points out that even after a long time, small amounts of viruses are excreted, which are captured by the sensitive PCR tests without them having been infected again. And of course, a positive sample can be false positive, but we expect that to be rare. (why not? All researchers know that the PCR test is useless). One possibility is that they have been infected with covid-19 just before they have been vaccinated and therefore only test positive after the vaccination. “But overall, it is to be expected that a vaccine does not cover 100%, and this may mean that there will be a proportion who get a -often mild- disease course despite vaccination”, says Rebecca Legarth. ” Already this is so sick that you vomit in thigh-thick rays, but it gets even worse, because now we come to the statistics on deaths “with the” vaccine “”, ie. the number of Danes,

Death with the corona vaccine

In June 2021, approx. 4,500 Danes have died within 30 days after being vaccinated against Covid-19, while by comparison there are approx. 2,500 Danes who have died within 30 days of being tested positive for Covid-19 (and keep in mind that most Danes have been tested MANY TIMES for Covid-19 due to the government’s test compulsion), but since then it is failed to obtain new figures from the Statens Serum Institut, which keeps these statistics, and FRIDA is awaiting a response to a request for access to documents.

However, SSI has stated that per. July 20, 2021 had received a total of 49,365 reports of suspected adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines. All Danish doctors are obliged to make such a report if they suspect that one of their patients’ problems is a side effect of vaccination, but a report requires both that the patient seeks a doctor and that the patient and / or the doctor suspect that the problem could be due to the Covid-19 vaccine.

Therefore, the actual number of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be significantly higher. One of my colleagues states, for example, that he became really ill after being vaccinated for the first time, but has not talked to his doctor about this – and this is shown to be normal. Have you asked in your circle of acquaintances among the people you know who have been vaccinated whether they became ill or ill from the vaccination, or have had other side effects?

Covid-19 is claimed to be a very dangerous, and highly contagious disease, although it is demonstrably no more dangerous than ordinary flu; masks are claimed to protect against viral infection, although all scientific studies, including the large Danish mask study, show that they do not; closure of society is raised to prevent the spread of infection, although both the scientific studies and the many experiences made in 2020 – 2021 with extensive closures of entire countries or states show that they do not.

Worst of all, it is argued that it makes logical sense and is beneficial for states to respond with bans, shutdowns, controls, lock-downs, travel restrictions, etc., etc., due to a virus that is no more dangerous than the flu, and which kills fewer people than a series of previous flu epidemics to which states did not respond at all.

For, of course, these shutdowns make no logical sense if they really happened to protect the population. They only make logical sense if the real intention is to control the population through anxiety and misinformation, as has now happened since March 2020.

This topic could be elaborated much more, but FRIDA refers the interested reader to the following:

Thomas Soltau’s Danish language video about Co (van) vid-19, originally available on Youtube:–9J82U

As can be seen, it has (of course) been removed by Youtube, because it “violates YouTube’s community rules”, i.e. it contains truths that YouTube owners do not want people to know.

The video is (12.08.2021) available on

If it disappears, it can probably be found again by searching for Thomas Soltau on or

Hermann von Bering: The corona lie – unmasked: Evidence, facts, backgrounds

Available at as e-book (USD 12.49), paperback or hardcover:

Or at Barnes and Noble:
https: // www / the-corona-lie-unmasked-hermann-von-bering / 1139214037

Or at Ad Libris in Norway:– -unmasked-evidence-facts-backgrounds-9783347280854

FRIDA also recommends OOC’s website, especially the page with downloads:

The book “corona survivor’s handbook” can be downloaded here:
https: // usercontent. one / wp / / wp-content / uploads / 2020/09 / Coronabook_small_web_nb_01-compressed.pdf? media = 1627046473

FRIDA welcomes suggestions for other books or videos that should be included in the list of valuable, factual, thorough and informative sources of information.

Legal Costs should:

Claim 1:

The Minister of Justice should recognize that the order no. 1630 of 06/16/2021 prohibiting large gatherings in the handling of covid-19 is invalid

Minister of Justice must acknowledge that § 1, § 2 PCS. 1, § 3 para. 1 and § 4 para. 1 – 2 in Executive Order no. 1630 of 16/06/2021 on a ban on large gatherings in connection with the handling of covid-19 is invalid.

Claim 2: The
National Board of Health must recognize that covid-19 is not a generally dangerous disease.

Claim 3:
The Minister of Health must recognize that covid-19 is not a socially critical disease.

Claim 4: The
Prime Minister must acknowledge that § 1, para. 1 – 3, of the Act on the obligation to ensure covid-19 testing of incoming labor after entry into Denmark, is invalid.

Claim 5: The
Minister of Health must acknowledge that § 2 para. 1, § 3 para. 1 and § 4 para. 1 of Executive Order no. 1544 of 02/07/2021 on requirements for testing and isolation after entry into Denmark in connection with the handling of covid-19iii, is invalid.

Claim 6:
The Minister of Business and Industry must recognize that § 23 para. 1 of Executive Order no. 1625 of 15/07/2021 on a ban on access to and restrictions on premises and premises and requirements for coronapas in the area of ​​the Ministry of Business Affairs in connection with the handling of covid-19iv is invalid.

Claim 7: The
Minister of Education must acknowledge that § 3, § 7 para. 1 piece. 2 and para. 7, § 9 para. 1 and para. 2, § 12 and § 13 in Executive Order no. 1559 of 05/07/2021 on closure and reopening as well as other special restrictions for day care, schools and educational institutions etc. in the area of ​​the Ministry of Children and Education in connection with handling covid-19, are void.

Proposition 8:
The Minister of Culture must recognize that § 6 para. 1 of Executive Order no. 1554 of 02/07/2021 on restrictions for premises and premises and requirements for corona passes in the area of ​​the Ministry of Culture in connection with the handling of covid-19v is invalid.

Claim 9: The
Minister of Health, the Minister of Employment and the Prime Minister must acknowledge that the PCR test used in Denmark, if the test is positive, does not document that the tested person is infected with covid-19.

Claim 10: The
Minister of Health, the Minister of Employment and the Prime Minister must acknowledge that the PCR test used in Denmark, if the test is positive, does not document that the person tested can infect other people with covid-19.

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