The current Prime Ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are also on trial for bringing genocide to Scandinavia. -

The current Prime Ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are also on trial for bringing genocide to Scandinavia.

Katrín Jakobsdóttir on Twitter: "It always feels like a bit of a family reunion when the Nordic Prime Ministers meet. Today we had the pleasure of hosting Chancellor Angela Merkel.…"

The current Prime Ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are also on trial for bringing genocide to Scandinavia. A slew of other government and UN leaders worldwide are also facing genocide charges at the I.T.N.J. international tribunal and the greatest Nuremberg of all time is on its way.

A slew of other government and UN leaders worldwide are also facing genocide charges at the I.T.N.J. international tribunal and the greatest Nuremberg of all time is on its way.

Worldwide Medical Tyranny in Finland Under Covid-19 Regulations

By: Dr. Ariyana Love

High treason has occurred in Finland and the majority of other nations worldwide with the introduction of Event 201 “Coronavirus pandemic preparedness exercise” initiated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), World Economic Forum, John Hopkins University, and more.

In Finland, betrayal began with the former Prime Minister Juha Sipilä during his term in 2015 – 2019. He sold the Finnish people down the river into a mass extermination program worse than anything we saw during World War II because of the advanced technologies being used. At the moment, Sipilä is on trial for genocide at the International Tribunal For Natural Justice (I.T.N.J.) where he faces a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison and the seizure of all his assets. See the video here(Starting at 4:50 minutes).

The current Prime Ministers of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are also on trial for bringing genocide to Scandinavia. A slew of other government and UN leaders worldwide are also facing genocide charges at the I.T.N.J. international tribunal and the greatest Nuremberg of all time is on its way.

Juha Sipilä invited the COVID-19 depopulation program into Finland through “vaccinations” and 5G. If you aren’t aware, 5G technology is classified as a US Military-grade biological weapons system. The extermination program is UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 for worldwide depopulation. If these terms are new to you I recommend following Rosa Koire who is a leading expert on Agenda 21. I also recommend following Deborah Tavares at and listening to her interview (35 minutes) with Trevor Coppola, about the NASA War Document on depopulation.


On June 9th 2021 Ano Turtiainen, a Finnish Member of Parliament gave an honest and direct speech concerning the potential COVID vaccine-assisted genocide set currently in motion in Finland. He warned his colleagues and the media, that in case they continue misleading the Finnish citizens by maintaining the false narrative of safe vaccines, they are knowingly involved in crimes against humanity.

Thank God for this man Ano Turtiainen, who is daring to tell the truth!

Corporate media abandoned their journalistic integrity after 9/11 to sell us “weapons of mass destruction” that never existed. That lie enabled the U.S. Government to invade the Middle East and commit war crimes atrocities for the last 18 years, decimating entire nations. Now the chickens have now come home to roost on our doorstep as Western nations, along with the entire world, are facing genetic slavery and extinction.

Corporate, mainstream media is hiding the truth from us while colluding with Agenda 21. Even in Finland, corporate media is damaging the sense of the reality of people who blindly trust what the news is telling them without doing their own research. We’re being told that the COVID-19 “vaccines” are going to save us from Coronavirus while not being informed about the deadly side effects of Big Pharma’s Biotech injections.

Lockdowns Kill

SAGE document from March 2020, exposes how the corrupt mainstream media is indoctrinating the masses to gain public consent for lockdown using psychological warfare tactics to control people by invoking irrational fears. Under an illusory spell, a panicked individual cannot think clearly or make wise decisions.

First, they fool you then they rule you.

The lockdowns have killed millions of people which is many times greater a loss of life than those who died from Coronavirus. Governments know lockdowns kill. The joke is on us if we’re too stupid to see through the illusion.

Johns Hopkins University states on their website that Coronavirus is nothing more than the natural seasonal flu. We’ve been living with Coronavirus and all its naturally mutating variants for millennia without panic and lockdowns, just as we’ve been living with Tuberculosis. Trillions of viruses exist inside our bodies, keeping us alive. Coronavirus also exists inside your body as part of the human virome. Coronavirus is not something you catch and it’s nothing to fear. You begin to show flu symptoms when your body is overly toxic. Viruses help your body to cleanse and find balance again. This is Science 101.

You cannot be contagious during a viral infection unless you have symptoms. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases admits in this press statement that a viral outbreak cannot occur without symptomatic people.

“In all the history of respiratory-borne viruses of any type asymptomatic transmission has never been the driver of outbreaks.”

Please let this sink in. Mainstream media fear porn and pseudoscience are being shoved down our throats to the extent that people are muzzling their children’s faces and depriving themselves of oxygen while begging for lethal injections.

giant study in December 2020, thoroughly debunked the concept of “asymptomatic transmission”. Huazhong University of Science & Technology in Wuhan and highly respected scientific institutions in the UK and Australia did nucleic acid screenings on nearly 10 million people. There is no such thing as “asymptomatic transmission” of Coronaviruses! Once again, the jokes on us.

The Asymptomatic transmission lie was the main driver for lockdowns and social distancing. Social Isolation is a CIA Torture tactic designed to weaken the enemy.

Pfizer’s own Chairman has confirmed that their COVID “vaccines” do not prevent Coronavirus transmission after inoculation. In fact, evidence proves the injections are maiming people and causing overwhelming deaths. So why risk your life taking them?

Bill Gates and Eugenicists

Multi-billionaire Bill Gates is a known eugenicist along with his father. First Gates was spreading computer viruses with Microsoft and now he’s injecting lab-generated viruses into healthy people and genetically modifying humans. He wants the entire world population injected with his Biotechnology. Gates owns the artificial Coronavirus patents US 7,222,851 B1 from May 22nd, 2007 and US 2017/0216427 AI from August 3rd, 2017.

Gates is funding The World Health Organization (WHO) who’s leading Event 201 with fake science. Gates has ownership in the Biotech “vaccine” industry and he’s profiting exponentially, in the hundreds of billions with the COVID agenda.

Here’s another excellent video in Finnish subtitles about eugenics.

A secret billionaire club has been meeting for years planning how to use their wealth to minimize the world’s population. Many of the names you will recognize. The eugenicists do their dirty planning under the guise of “philanthropy”. Ted Turner has gone on record stating:

“A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

In a recent interview (50 seconds), Gates referred to the experimental COVID concoctions as a “Final Solution” for humanity. Does this remind you of something? The Final Solution was Hitler’s “Endlösung” a term used for the planned systematic genocide not only of the European continent but the whole world too.

History is repeating. “Never again” for anyone is now the new normal for everyone. Israel is leading all nations in this COVID-19 Genocide. A recently leaked video reveals that the Israeli authorities are staging fake videos to make the public believe people are dying from Coronavirus in order to frighten them into taking the lethal injections. This same trickery is being used by corrupt media, worldwide. The actual deaths are coming from the forced Biotech injections.Death rates have skyrocketed in Israel following Pfizer’s experimental COVID injections. Here’s a video in Finnish about this.

The Israeli authorities are censoring its media with a complete blackout on what’s taking place there. Independent citizen reports from Israel reveal that children as young as 16-years-old are required to get the experimental COVID injections or there are severe penalties for refusing. The population is being segregated in what’s been termed a “Medical Apartheid”. The new model “Green Card” allows travel and conveniences only for “vaccinated” individuals. Medical records are being breached by the authorities to track who’s been injected and who hasn’t. People are either forced to quarantine or wear Biometric bracelets after travel. The Israeli military is also going door to door forcing injections on the population.

“This is a new Holocaust” – Haim Yativ and Dr. Seligmann

With no medical degree, Bill Gates’s intention to depopulate the world through “vaccinations” is a psychotic wet dream which he confesses to. In a TED talk in 2010, Gates said that population reduction is necessary because people are breathing too much oxygen. Isn’t it interesting that people are now muzzling their faces? Masks are scientifically proven to cause brain hypoxia, permanent brain damage, bacterial lung infections, and cancer. They increase the risk of contracting all pathogens, weaken your immune system, and cause premature death. Please read my report here:EVIDENCE OF GENOCIDE: The Mask Psyop

In the interview below, Gates admits the new “vaccines” contain Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Gates gleefully describes how artificial RNA is being shot straight into the veins of our children.

The “fact-checkers” were all over this, telling us this was “taken out of context” and of course Bill Gates didn’t really mean that he’s injecting GMO into little kids’ veins. But that’s exactly what he said and it’s precisely what he’s doing. Who funds the “fact-checkers” anyway? Bill Gates and George Soros do!

Children are not at risk of contracting Coronavirus so why are they being used as guinea pigs in this dangerous medical experiment? Fake news reports like the one below, prove there’s an agenda to slowly suffocate our children. Please watch the video of Dr. Yves Obordörfer explaining that children need 3 times the amount of oxygen as adults.

COVID-19 Biohacking Ingredients

Firstly, you need to know that the COVID Biotech injections have not been approved by any government. They were authorized through Emergency Use Acts. Under the Emergency Act, Big Pharma is under no obligation to disclose its COVID ingredients to the public. Also, you need to know that if you are damaged from the injection, Pfizer and the entire Biotech industry areprotected against all lawsuits and liability. Meaning, you cannot sue them for compensation.

Now I am not an expert in biology, virology, or genetics. I am a simple Holistic Doctor but I will do my best to explain the ingredients that we do know about in the COVID “vaccination” program.

This is a worldwide medical experiment using synthetic mRNA, something that has never been tried or tested on humans before. Synthetic mRNA is being inserted directly into people’s cells with a nanotechnology delivery system (Nanites) in polymer chains Hydrogel. Nanites are nano-size medical devices programmed to deliver the chemical and synthetic pathogens which are being directly inserted into your cells, bypassing immune response. The pathogens are the disease.

If there’s any question, a synthetic lab-generated Coronavirus is being injected into your body. It’s the very same patented and weaponized Coronavirus owned by Bill Gates who is profiting from this human experiment. The Corona that people are is terrified of now, is the “vaccine”, Kill Gates’s final solution.

Dr. Carrie Madej explains in more detail about Hydrogel and Nanites giving an urgent warning to humanity about the grave dangers of this experiment.

Health Ranger from Natural News explains in this powerful two-minute video clip how the Nanites are causing inflammation and severe Adverse Reactions. I stress, these medical devices have never been tested on humans before.

Luciferase Patent WO 2020 060606 (666), is being dubbed the Mark of The Beast. It uses an enzyme along with Biohacking technologies to cause your body to produce an artificial protein so you can be tracked 24/7 from within your own body.

Also owned by Bill Gates, here’s what Microsoft has to say about Luciferase:

Chitosan encapsulated quantum dots (CS-Qdots) exhibit fascinating optical properties and can efficiently deliver genes into cells in a visualized process. By using CS-Qdots as gene carriers, specific hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) expressed firefly luciferase genes (p[HRE]AFP-luc) were transfected into HCC cells for hepatoma bioluminescence imaging. The results obtained in this study show that nanocarrier CS-Qdots can be excited by the luciferase coded in the genes delivered into the cells. The maximum emission wavelength of the bioluminescence red-shifted from 560 nm to 630 nm. The excitation of CS-Qdots by bioluminescence occurs at the macroscopic scale and is independent of covalent bond. The luciferase gene-loaded CS-Qdots can act as wavelength-tunable self-illuminating probes thus holding potential for improved tumor optical molecular imaging.

Under the guise of fighting tumors, this Biotechn is being used to force your body to produce bioluminescence making it possible for governments can track you.

AstraZeneca ingredients

China’s Cansino, Johnson & Johnson, Oxford, and AstraZeneca use adenovirus transfection while Pfizer and Moderna use mRNA transfection. Transfection means a foreign RNA is being inserted into your cells. This is also causing Adverse Reactions. Johnson & Johnson just announced it’s going to start injecting the COVID poison into infants. Nothing is sacred anymore. They are recoding the human genome of our babies in infancy.

Every one of the medical professionals and experts who come forward to expose the dangers of Big Pharma’s COVID Biotech experiment are being censored across Big Tech platforms. Quite a few experts have blown the whistle revealing evidence of a massive “pandemic” fraud and that the mRNA COVID injections are not vaccines at all because they do not induce an immune response, they bypass it.

Please read: The mRNA COVID Vaccine is Not a Vaccine.

There are very strict requirements for labeling a vaccine. Only governments and media are calling the COVID injections a “vaccine” because they know that if they keep repeating the lie long enough, people will believe it. Mass media mind control and the irrational fear of a deadly virus are enough to damage people’s ability to critically think and make wise decisions. These are warfare tactics used by governments to confuse the enemy (us) and make us more vulnerable to attack.

Kimmo Grönlund, Professor of Political Science at Åbo Akademi University in Turku, criticized the Finnish government for driving its citizens into “Mass Psychosis” with pseudoscience and media fear porn. The article appeared last week in the Turin Sanomat and was quickly removed. This is exactly how the censorship in Nazi Germany began in the 1930s.


World renown Journalist Naomi Wolf just released a news report on how the Biotech companies are literally injecting a new “operating system” into humans that can be continuously updated just like Microsoft Windows for computer systems. Her video was immediately removed and she was censored by YoutubeFacebook, Twitter, and Vimeo, simultaneously. It’s now possible for the globalists to cancel high-profile individuals across multiple platforms at the same time. Let that sink in.

In response to this tyrannical censorship, Naomi Wolf did a 12-minute Facebook Livestream to inform the public what had happened. She called this “Biofacism” and the “stripping of all our liberties in the name of a pandemic”. She described the horrible feeling she had not being able to talk to the 99,900 followers she has on Twitter who want to hear the vital research she’s reporting and who trust her to keep them informed. She further stated that this silencing of her voice was a “very traumatic experience to have in the United States of America in 2021”.

CNN News report on mRNA technology

Moderna compares its mRNA Biotechnology as a “platform” and an “Operating System” that functions much like an operating system for a computer. It’s designed to “plug and play interchangeably with different programs”. This is on Moderna’s website and the description goes on to read, “In our case, the “program” or “app” is our mRNA drug – the unique mRNA sequence that codes for a protein”. Their technology is designed to hack our biological functions and genetically engineer new protein sequences within the genome. That’s what they’re telling us. Now let that sink in.

Big Pharma’s Biotech Whistleblowers

Big Pharma’s Biotech companies all have the greatest violations of health fraud on record, worldwide. Pfizer alone has paid out nearly 5 billion dollars in health care fraud settlements. Do you think these companies care about your health?

GlaxoSmithKline sterilization research funded by Bill Gates

Multiple Biotech Whistleblowers have come forward with grave warnings against the COVID-19 injections. Dr. Brian Hooker explains in this interview (15 minutes), how the injections will genetically modify humans making us into a hybrid species. This is like a transhumanist sci-fi movie far worse than George Orwell imagined in his 1984 novel, except it’s very real and it’s happening now.

Another Biotech Whistleblower from GlaxoSmithKline revealed that the COVID injections sterilize 97% of women and sterilize men. It gets even more sinister than that when he explains that the “vaccinated” male will then sterilize a fertile female during coitus, with his genetically modified sperm. We are dealing with eugenics Bioweapons. This is sheer evil at play.

Retracted article on female sterilization

The former CEO of Pfizer, Dr. Michael Yeadon sounded the alarm in December. Dr. Yeadon and his colleagues went public saying that two additives in the Pfizer COVID “vaccine” concoction, polyethylene glycol, and mNeonGreen could cause infertility in women due to the antibodies against “spike proteins” that could disrupt the development of the placenta in “vaccinated” women. Dr. Yeadon was immediately censored and de-platformed on Twitter and the article is nowhere to be found. Luckily I captured a screenshot. Vital information is disappearing from the Internet on an alarming scale.

Even the present CEO of Pfizer admitted in an interview (1 minute) saying he will not take Pfizer’s COVID “vaccine”. The video has been repeatedly removed across Big Tech platforms.

A Geneticist and Scientist from France came forward in this interview (2 minutes) and told that mRNA is a form of “Gene Therapy”. She confirms they are “not vaccines” at all and goes on to say that gene therapy was invented to cure cancer and to cure disease. Pfizer also refers to their mRNA Biotech as Gene Therapy, on their website.

Big Pharma is using the synthetic mRNA with Nanites (medical devices) on healthy people to destroy parts of the human genome and replace them with artificial sequences. Since it’s not being used to make sick people well, it can’t be called gene “therapy” either. It’s more appropriate to call this gene-editing technology or in military tactical terms, this is Biological and technological warfareBiowarfare. These are Bioweapons sold to you as life-saving vaccines. In fact, this is a worldwide operation to cull the herd and depopulate. We are facing extinction and the total enslavement of mankind through genetic engineering, for totalitarian control so psychopathic globalists can remain in power.

World Health advisory

Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. David Martin also confirmed in this very important broadcast (3 minutes) that the mRNA COVID injections are “medical devices” designed to stimulate the human cell into becoming a pathogen creator. Anyone telling you the COVID injections will make you healthy and protect you from disease is lying. There is no reason to inject perfectly healthy people and children with a synthetic pathogen that is guaranteed to make them sick. We have got to wrap our minds around this.

The Chief Molecular Geneticist in Europe, Dr. Doloris Cahill, told in this recent interview that people who took the COVID injections are going to start dying in the next few months as their bodies react to the poison with a Cytokine Storm. Please read: Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb.

Another Bioweapons expert and former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Dr. Lee Merrit, explains her belief that we are currently facing what appears to be biological warfare. Listen to her interview here (30 minutes).

Doctors also warned about permanent damage and cardiovascular events following “COVID vaccination” and Doctors are now petitioning the European Union to stop all COVID “vaccine” studies due to infertility it’s causing women and overwhelming deaths. Despite the warnings from governments for breastfeeding and expectant mothers to avoid the Biotech injections, it’s still being administered to them.

Mass sterilization of a population is Genocide. All medical and government officials who continue the roll-out of these experimental COVID Bioweapons are committing war crimes atrocities and will be held accountable. Tribunals are already underway!

Medical Tyranny

There are 179 countries out of 195, implementing Agenda 21 depopulation. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) introduced this genocide model by first demonstrating lockdowns, masks, social isolation, and pseudosciences in Wuhan, that Western nations have adopted through the World Hoax Organization (WHO) guidelines again, funded by Bill Gates. These guidelines have been adopted by the health sectors in nations worldwide. This Nazi-Communist model is designed and scientifically proven to result in mass deaths and economic collapse. Lawyers are now suing the WHO for “misleading the public over the Covid-19 outbreak”.

Governments knew the COVID injections would kill people in overwhelming numbers and they were expecting it. The UK’s MHRA put out an ad asking for a new AI system that could process the wave of “vaccine” deaths and Adverse Reactions expected, prior to the COVID Biotech roll-out. Natural News reported on it and their article was, of course, censored.

The UK implemented this Nazi-Communist Genocide model first. Independent media reports from medical professionals in the UK, like Clare Wills and World Doctors Alliance, have confirmed that the elderly are being forced “tested” and forcefully injected with the COVID poison, only to die days later. Under the guise of “protecting granny,” the elderly have been locked into care homes across the UK and left for dead. The elderly were dying of starvation when volunteer medics defied UK Government orders and broke into dozens of care homes to rescue them and reunite them with relatives. The elderly are still dying in care homes worldwide in this extermination.

UK article

Fox News report USA

You can see how mainstream media is trying to convince you that death as a side effect of the COVID injections is a good thing! This is how they desensitize and normalize murder in the minds of the masses. And just like that, death by lethal injection is therapeutic.

A panel of lawyers led by Reiner Fuellmich recently reviewed leaked video footage of vulnerable elderly people in care homes in Berlin being forcefully injected with COVID Bioweapons and murdered. The elderly are not being protected by lockdowns as we were told. The elderly are being eliminated as the number one burden to society. We are being told they are a “high risk” group and must be “vaccinated” to protect them against the Coronavirus flu but they’re actually being lethally injected in Germany, UK, the US, Finland, and many more countries worldwide in this “Great Reset”.

Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin with Claus Schwab in Davos, 2020

Government officials are being bribed with lots of money to eliminate their constituents in the name of safety. The European Union bribed the Tanzanian President with 27 million euros of European taxpayer’s money to lockdown the country and instead, he exposed the fraud.

The Belarusian President, Alexander Lukashenko, went public revealing that the IMF and the World Bank offered him a 940 million dollar bribe if he would lock down his country and impose social isolation and curfew. He refused and exposed the fraud instead.

I wonder how much money Finnish politicians have been bribed with?

This interview (8 minutes) reveals how 2.2 trillion dollars in “hush money” has been paid out to hospitals and doctors worldwide to label deaths as COVID-19 in order to drive up the numbers and fake a pandemic to scare people into taking the lethal Biotech injections.

Nasal Swab Test


Finland began medically experimenting on its citizens with the Nasopharyngeal (nasal) “Corona test” in schools, in November 2020. Perfectly healthy underage minor children across the country are having medical devices shoved up their noses to the delicate blood/brain barrier in schools, without parents’ consent. Why aren’t parents in an uproar?

There is overwhelming evidence that the nasal swab or PCR test, is being used to administer Bioweapons and Nanite medical devices without Informed Consent.

Coronavirus testing kits bound for the UK were found contaminated with COVID-19 poison! A federal investigation in the U.S. found CDC’s testing kits sent out across the country in February 2020, were also contaminated with Bioweapons.

The patent for the COVID-19 test kit is held by Richard A. Rothschild, #US2020279585(AI). It was filed on the 13th of October, 2015, and dated for 2020.

Undisputed social media post

The official United States Air Force Website declared “Nanoweapons: A Growing Threat to Humanity” on January 14, 2019.

Nanoparticles for nasal vaccination were developed in 2009 (PubMed). Nasal vaccine innovation was designed in 2010 (PubMed). Theragrippers easily administered in test swabs were designed to carry the poisonous payload. This microtechnology can transport any drug and release it gradually into your body and you won’t even know anything about it. Read more about Biohacking in this important article here.

Nanites deliver the synthetic mRNA into the cells of the body, genetically modifying your body through genetic engineering. They can enter the brain by way of the “Corona test”. The so-called “test” is also a medical device that can deliver the Nanite Hydrogel and Luciferase for 24/7 tracking. According to the company selling Luciferase, human cells are being “transfected with the Luciferase gene” (artificial RNA). The Nanites are programmed to recode your human genome, editing it and replacing parts of it with an artificial sequence that will permanently alter your DNA and change what it means to be human.

The psychopathic eugenicists are even targeting the VMAT2 gene otherwise known as the “God Gene”. It enables humans to experience their connection to God. By severing our ability to experience Divine connection to God humans will be easier to control. The Yummy Doctor explains more about the VMAT2 medical sorcery in her broadcast here (46 minutes).

People have taken apart test Corona test swabs and found various things like self-moving particles which is the Hydrogel Nanites. See the video here (6 minutes).

Self-moving particles found on PCR swab test

Even Bill Gates admits the COVID-19 injections alter human DNA. See this video below explaining CRISPR gene-editing technology: (2 minutes)

Also see this two minute video for another explanation of the CRISPR technology.

I highly recommend watching this video below (1 hour 52 minutes) when you have the time. It covers what the media is not telling you about the PCR tests and the COVID Bioweapons they contain.

Finland like many nations is implementing a genocide model of extermination in its hospitals and care homes, targeting the undesirables such as the elderly, foreigners, disabled, and low-income citizens first. The elderly, handicapped, and mentally ill are now required in Finland to take the COVID Bioweapons under the guise of protecting them. It’s reminiscent of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Dr. Tenpenny posts the Australian Governments description of the PCR test

When undesirables enter Finnish hospitals for emergency care, they’re being forced to take the PCR test. But the PCR test is not even a diagnostic tool for viral infections. Previously viral infections were determined almost predominantly based on symptoms. Without symptoms, you are not infected. Occasionally a blood antibody test was used to determine if somebody was infected with a virus or not. The PCR nasal swab “test” cannot distinguish between a “live” infectious virus and a dead one, or non-infective RNA.

An EU court in Portugal has already ruled the PCR test as unreliable and ruled it unlawful to quarantine anyone using it due to the fact that it produced 97% false positives. Nonetheless, Finland is using the PCR test to quarantine. This is unlawful.

I have documented everything you need to know about the PCR test and how it’s been used to create a fake pandemic to frighten humanity into taking the COVID Bioweapons injections. Please review my article here: EVIDENCE OF GENOCIDE: Coronavirus PCR Testing Fraud.

I had to enter Asylum in July 2020 because I am targeted for my Journalism. Real Journalists who are reporting the truth are under assault worldwide. The censorship and tyrannical removal of online data bits by Big Tech companies for governments was tested on grassroots Journalists like me. Now it’s being used on world-renown Journalists such as Naomi Wolf.

When I was in the Asylum camp a woman became very ill with severe stomach pain. After one week of suffering, she was finally taken by ambulance to the hospital, unable to walk. She was forced to take the PCR test by hospital staff who threatened her and said that if she did not agree to the test they would send her back to the camp without treatment. This right here constitutes Medical Neglect in violation of Nuremberg Codes. Please see Nuremberg Codes in Finnish here and in English here. This poor mother in her vulnerable state did not want to take the Corona test but she felt she had no choice so she complied. A false positive was produced and the woman was told she has Coronavirus yet she did not have any flu symptoms. Her problem was a piercing pain in her stomach. She was told by the nurse that there is “no treatment or cure for Coronavirus” and that she would be quarantined. This was a deadly lie.

They placed the mother into quarantine and did not give her any treatment or the medicine she needed for her stomach pain which was the reason she entered the hospital in the first place. This mother was put into a hotel room and literally left for dead. While being medically tortured, she was also denied visitation from her family. The Asylum camp brought her cold meals every three days and left them outside her door. She had only a microwave. I saw her on video cam and she so ill and groaning in pain that we were not sure she would live. Finally, the mother did pull through and returned to the camp to her husband and children. She was so weakened and had dark circles under her eyes and a ghostly pale face.

I have another testimony to share. The father of a Finnish friend of mine entered the hospital with some medical condition and was treated in the same inhumane way. He was a grandfather. The elder man was forced to take the PCR test and when a false positive returned he was forced into quarantine in a hotel room. He was medically tortured to death and never treated for what he entered the hospital for in the first place. He did not live through the ordeal. A system of institutionalized extermination is being put into place in the health sector in Finland.

Coronavirus Cures

Doctors around the world have been censored for revealing that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) with Zinc, Ivermectin, and/or high dosages of intravenous Vitamin C have been successfully curing people who are sick with Coronavirus. You can read more peer-reviewed scientific research on HCQ successfully curing Coronavirus here.

These simple yet highly effective medicines were being suppressed in many nations worldwide so that Big Pharma’s Biotech companies could get the Emergency Use Authorization passed for their poisonous medical experiment. Big Tech, governments, and media were suppressing life-saving medicines that resulted in untold numbers of people needlessly dying. These are Crimes Against Humanity.

Listen to Dr. Pierre Kory at a U.S. Senate hearing pleading with the House to approve Ivermectin for Coronavirus treatment which he said is a 100% cure. Read more about Ivermectin here.

Now the staff in all hospitals across Finland are being forced by the government through THL, to take the experimental mRNA Bioweapons. If they decline, they will be fired. In just one unit of Keusote Hospital in Hyvinkää, there are presently 15 nurses too sick to work due to the Pfizer injections. These women are between 25 and 33 years old. According to testimony, they all got extremely high fevers after the injection. They’re in so much pain right now that when anything touches their skin it feels like they’re being pierced with a hunting knife.

200,000 NHS staff are now refusing the “jab”. What do they know that we don’t know?

Unreported Deaths

The number of injuries reported to the CDC through VAERS in the US after COVID injections, climbed by nearly 4,000 in just one week.

The latest VAERS HHS Clinical Adverse Reactions and Deaths due to the experimental COVID injections ranked by percentage can be viewed here. What everyone can plainly see for themselves in this chart, is that the average percentage of deaths due to this medicine experiment is ranked at 4.10%.

VAERS Covid-19 Adverse Reactions by percentage

Only 64,500 deaths due to the COVID injections were reported to VAERS in the UK.

If I break this down into simple math, you will see that the vast majority of Adverse Reactions and Deaths from the “COVID vaccines” are not being recorded or reported to VAERS. 236 million COVID Biotech injections have been administered worldwide. So with the average deaths at 4.10%, this means about 9,594,000 people have died worldwide. What percentage of these deaths have you seen reported by the media? I can answer that. Maybe a fraction of 1%.

427,000 people in Finland have been administered the COVID injections. That means about 17,080 people have died. How many of those deaths do you recall Finnish media reporting? What this data is showing us is that only 6.7% of all Adverse Reactions and Deaths are being reported to VAERS and 93.3% of Deaths are not being reported.

Now let that sink in. These figures are genocide statistics. The COVID Bioweapons are causing millions of people to die worldwide and disabling millions more. 4,36% of people have Hypoaesthesia. That means 10,202,400 people have partial or total loss of feeling in their bodies. Millions are already maimed and soon the human guinea pig will be dropping dead like flies just as Dr. Cahill predicted, especially after the second booster shot.

Right now the COVID injection deaths are being hidden from everyone because Big Pharma and governments want as many people as possible to get continue taking their poison. In the next few months when the inoculated start dying in droves, the deaths won’t be containable any longer. Our bribed governments know this and they are prepared for it. People’s fear will turn to terror and chaos will rip through the fabric of our societies. The corrupt media will tell you this is a “new virus strain” even deadlier than the Coronavirus flu but the deaths will actually be from the Bioweapons that people were either injected with by syringe or swab. The great culling is on its way. When it arrives, the bribed governments will swoop in and enforce martial law restrictions and begin forcing COVID injections on everyone at gunpoint in most nations. I’m not sure how it will play out here in Finland it depends entirely on people’s level of awareness and the actions we take now to hold our leaders to account for the genocide of Finland’s citizens.

The Court of Human Rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has ruled on 29 January 2021 in Resolution 2361 that there cannot be compulsory vaccinations in any European country and no discrimination against those who do not take the vaccination, in ruling 7.3, 7.3.1 and 7.3.2.

7.3.1 varmistaa, että kansalaisille ilmoitetaan, että rokottaminen EI ole pakollista ja että ketään ei painosteta poliittisesti, sosiaalisesti tai muutenkaan rokottamaan, jos he eivät halua tehdä sitä itse;

In addition, a German EU court ruled lockdowns unconstitutional in January.

The Finnish Government wants to pass new legislation that will allow for mandatory medical examinations and forced PCR testing with a penalty of fines and 3 months imprisonment if you don’t comply. The result is going to be ever-increasing medical tyranny due to panic-induced irrationality, like what you see here:

Merike Sirelpuu was taken from her home in handcuffs and covered in a hood so she could not where she was taken. Police only informed that she is in the hands of health authorities. Her family still does not know where she is not being released. Merike was tied to the hospital bed for 24 hours and the handcuffs caused bruising on her wrists. She was also strangled several times for refusing the “Corona swab test”. They forced a medical device through a nasal swab up her nose and against her will, which is medical rape.

Finnish police are using Merike to set a new precedent in medical tyranny in Finland, through the Communicable Diseases Act where a healthy person can be forcibly arrested and undergo medical rape over “suspected exposure” to Coronavirus.

I remind you that CORONAVIRUS IS THE NATURAL FLU AND IT HAS A 99.98% SURVIVAL RATE!! Please STOP being fools and use your minds!


This grand medical experiment is against our most sacred human rights and violates the Nuremberg Codes which require Informed Consent of all medicines administered to citizens of all nations. The COVID Bioweapons are against Finnish Constitutional Law. These new actions by the Finnish Government mark a dangerous precedent of Medical Tyranny in the Finnish society that is driving us rapidly closer towards a Nazi-Communist regime. These steps towards totalitarianism have a very dark history in Europe and in Finland and must never be implemented in Finland again unless you wish to embrace a future of starvation and annihilation. Make no mistake about it, this is Genocide and we are rapidly approaching the point of no return, where the government will have the upper hand to do whatever they want and inject whatever they want in us at gunpoint. The Finnish police have proven they will do this due to the mass psychosis and fear that’s been programmed into them. Most Finnish people are not informed with factual science.

Indigenous Finnish Sami child

Medical Tyranny and the “Vaccine Passports” go against the spirit and original purpose of the Finnish Constitution which guarantees universal and equal rights. We are all equal according to law. Implementation of a digital “Vaccine Certificate” segregates society, giving the privilege of travel and purchase only to those who will take the Mark of The Beast in a lethal experiment that permanently changes what it means to be human. Anything that edits and recodes the human genome and replaces our original DNA with something artificial, is ABSOLUTE WICKED EVIL.

This kind of discrimination, giving the advantage to some over others, leads society towards polarization and confrontation. Finland, it’s time to WAKE UP! Before the eyes of God, we are all equal! Under Finnish Constitutional Law, we are all equal! There’s still time to speak up while our mouths are not taped shut! Everyone must rise up now against this corruption. Take this beautiful nation back from its dark leaders. This government is the worst Finland has ever had. End this Communist-Fascist-Nazi system right now before it’s too late to do so. We have the power to stop their greedy madness but not if you stand idle and do nothing. Compliance is death for you and your children. We are about to lose all autonomy to our own bodies! Is that the future you want for your children? Is that the future you want for this nation? Do you want to blood sacrifice Finland’s precious children on the Devil’s altar, God’s most beautiful and perfect creation in a deadly genetic experiment? These children cannot defend themselves. They need us to fight for them.

Finnish child

We are facing the total enslavement of humanity on the genetic level through Bioterrorism. Now it’s time to reach inside and find your Sisu. Take up your sword and put on your shield and armor. We are called to war. The future of the human race is at stake.



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