COVID bóluefnið drepur fólk í umvörpum - Grafarþögn lyfjastofnunar, landlæknis og annara ráðamanna jafngildir sekt þeirra. -

COVID bóluefnið drepur fólk í umvörpum – Grafarþögn lyfjastofnunar, landlæknis og annara ráðamanna jafngildir sekt þeirra.

The COVID Vaccine Is Killing People In Huge Numbers

Steve Kirsch

 CDC, Govt, MSM, Pharma,… ÞAGGA NIÐUR öll 100% sönnunargögn sem lögð hafa verið fram og staðfesta100% að verið er að fremja fjöldamorð með dk. Covid bóluefnunum.

Schwab rannsóknin sannar að COVID bóluefnin eru að drepa mikinn fjölda Bandaríkjamanna.

Mun Sóttvarnastofnun nokkurn tíma viðurkenna það? Í alvöru!

Sannanir þeirra til að afsanna þessa rannsókn? Alls ekki neitt. Þeir hunsa það einfaldlega.

Það gerir almenna læknasamfélagið og fjölmiðlar líka.

Figure 1. The Schwab paper shows that the COVID vaccine causes antigen to be expressed by the heart causing the body to attack the heart leading to death. It’s that simple.

Executive summary

I’ve written about the Schwab paper before, but I wanted to put it all in an article to make it easy to reference.

Basically, this study, written by top German scientists and published in a prestigious German peer-reviewed medical journal, proves that the COVID vaccines kill people. They basically started with 35 bodies who died within 20 days of a COVID shot, and focused on 5 where no other cause of death could be ascribed. All 5 had similar findings consistent with a vaccine injury and inconsistent with any other known cause of death.

This suggests that at least 5/35 or 14% of people who die within 20 days of vaccination were likely killed by the vaccine. Note that is a lower bound.

Despite having world-famous pathologist Peter Schirmacher as the senior author on the paper, the Schwab paper will never be covered in the mainstream media anywhere in the world. It was published Nov 22, 2022 and ignored by the media.

A massive study, involving vaccine data from hundreds of countries, proves that the COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant increase in total cases and deaths associated with COVID-19. The study proves that the COVID-19 vaccines are not only ineffective, but they are driving illness and death.

Having more than 14% of the deaths 20 days after vaccination being caused by the vaccine should be an immediate stopping condition in any sane world.

But medicine today is dictated by politics, not science.

So the vaccine will continue to be recommended and nobody will be warned about how deadly the vaccine is.


This article on Peter McCullough’s Substack published on December 4 entitled Found Dead at Home after COVID-19 Vaccination points out that 71% of a random sample of people who died unexpectedly within 20 days of the vaccine and underwent an autopsy to determine the cause of death, died of a primary symptom that is caused by the vaccine.

If there was ever a stopping condition for an experimental intervention, that SHOULD do the trick shouldn’t it?

McCullough was describing the paper by Schwab: German scientists conclusively linked the COVID vaccine and sudden death for the first time.

From the paper:

“Our findings establish the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis.”

In plain English, it means that “the COVID shot kills people by damaging their heart.”

They looked at 35 patients; 10 were excluded as having died from pre-existing conditions, leaving 25 people.

Of the 25, the study found 5 which likely died exclusively from vaccine-induced myocarditis and no other case.

So they only examined the histopathology of five bodies (3 female, 2 male) who met the criteria of myocarditis and had no other likely cause of death because they were looking to assess whether the vaccine caused myocarditis leading to sudden unexpected death.

They basically were looking for the “cleanest” proof of death, but it’s likely that all 71% of the cases (25 out of 35) died from the vaccine, it’s just harder to “prove” that.

They pointed out that one of the 5 they investigated had herpes, but nobody ever dies from herpes so they left that patient in.

They found heart damage consistent with vaccine-induced myocarditis in all 5 cases that they examined in depth.

More interestingly is the death timing. The subjects were taken from a 20 day window, but the mean time to death was 2.5 days which matches what the Israeli MoH found in their study (see Figure 5).

“All [five] persons died within the first week following vaccination (mean 2.5 days, median 2 days).”

See Table 2 in the Schwab paper for the death timing of each case. If it was not related to the shot, it wouldn’t be clustered so close to the shot. It would be evenly distributed.

They wrote that they have NEVER seen anything like this before in any patient:

“During the last 20 years of autopsy service at Heidelberg University Hospital we did not observe comparable myocardial inflammatory infiltration.”

Then they said they they’ve ruled out everything for these 5 cases except the vaccination:

“Based on the autopsy findings and all available data, no other cause of death except (epi-)myocarditis was identified in any of the cases presented here. Hence, myocarditis has to be considered the likely cause of death.”

”In three cases, the overall autopsy findings, in particular presence of (epi-)myocarditis in combination with the absence of other plausible causes of death (especially pulmonary embolism, myocardial infarction, severe brain infarction or bleeding, other cardiac disease), together with the close temporal association with the vaccination event lead to the conclusion that vaccination was the likely cause of (epi-)myocarditis and that this cardiac affection was the cause of sudden death.”

My personal favorite part is that the vaccine leaves a “fingerprint” when it kills:

The latter criterion is supported by demonstration of a phenotypically identical T-cell infiltrate at the deltoidal injection site in one of the cases.

In plain English, “the damage pattern in the shoulder (injection site) was the same as in the heart.” This means if the vaccine didn’t kill the patient, this may be the greatest “coincidence” in medical history.

Schwab was the first author but Peter Schirmacher was the senior author on the paper. Peter Schirmacher is a world-famous pathologist, one of the top 100 pathologists in the world.

Schirmacher was also one of the first pathologists to link these vaccines with deaths and tell the world about it. More than a year ago, on August 1, 2021, he looked at 40 deaths within 2 weeks after vaccination and determined that at least 30% to 40% of the deaths could be linked to the vaccine.

I was told that they threatened to kill his family so he went undercover which is why he was completely unreachable when I tried to contact him in August 2021).

Top cardiologists such as Dr. Peter McCullough immediately recognized the importance of this paper. See this news story on the vaccine-related COVID deaths and this FOX News segment featuring Peter McCullough. It is consistent with the research described by Dr. Ryan Cole here.

Watch this video from John Campbell entitled Myocarditis German evidence who explains the significance of the paper. Also, did you notice that throughout the video (such as at 12:10), Campbell has to expressly point out what he is “allowed” to talk about?

Have you ever wondered what he would say if his speech wasn’t muzzled? Don’t people have a right to know that? Or is the public better off when clinicians’ speech is muzzled? Finally, look at all the comments on the video.

In particular, this comment tells you all you need to know about Campbell’s video:

Here is Dr. Been’s video about the Schwab paper.

The question everyone should be asking is why is this research only now appearing two years after the vaccine roll out? Why are no autopsies being done in the US? Why is nobody in the US publishing similar research?

The question for the reader is whether you have a more likely explanation for these deaths than vaccine induced?

Confirmation via the Thailand myocarditis study

Here is Dr. Moran’s video about the Schwab paper which in the first 5 minutes talks in detail about the prospective Thailand study where 7 out of 202 males developed myocarditis or pericarditis within just two weeks after their second dose of the vaccine.

This is far greater than the risk of myocarditis from COVID (which creates NO added risk per this large-scale Israeli study of 196,992 unvaccinated adults after Covid infection).

A rate of 3.5% of teenage males (which is 1 in every 29 teenage males) being diagnosed with myocarditis post-vaccine is a disaster. If the vaccine isn’t causing this, what is? This cannot be simply “bad luck” that these kids all developed spontaneous myocarditis; the rate is too high and the timing is suspicious.

The precautionary principle of medicine requires us to halt the vaccine for kids, but the US ignored it, no further research is being done.

Real world confirmation

You simply can’t have 96 kids in Canada dying suddenly for no reason in just a 3 month period after the jabs rolled out. Read this article by Bill Makis which covers each case along with the pictures of everyone who died: Over 96 Canadian children ages 2-19 have died suddenly or unexpectedly in the past 3 months – a warning call for Canadian parents.

It’s behind a subscriber paywall, but the $5 to subscribe helps offset the tremendous time investment Dr. Makis made to compile the list.

Dr. Makis has written over 100 peer-reviewed medical papers.

Do you think he would even bother to spend his time on this if it wasn’t extraordinary?

Here is a subset of the 96 profiles in his article:

For more information on proving a vaccine caused death


  1. ‘Most definitive way’ to determine whether shots were the cause.
  2. How to obtain an autopsy to prove a vaccine injury
  3. Ryan Cole on looking for signs that the vax caused a death
  4. My Ryan Cole interview: the medical examiners aren’t ordering the proper tests. The standard tests won’t show a vaccine death.

The key information is that all autopsies take tissue samples. But only half the time will they turn these tissue samples into microscope slides. Once you have the slides, they can be examined to see if there are lymphocytic infiltrates that are unusual. If there are, then the pathologist should taken further steps (such as staining) to look at the type of infiltrates such as was done in the Schwab study.


The COVID vaccine is killing people in huge numbers.

The Schwab paper is a good indicator that at least 14% of the people who died within 20 days of vaccination were killed by the vaccine, but the actual number is likely higher than that since that was the bare minimum of cases that could be definitively proved that no other cause existed. Peter McCullough went further and pointed out that 71% of the people who died within 20 days of vaccination had symptoms consistent with a vaccine-caused death.

Other papers (e.g., RancourtSkidmore, etc.) show the vaccines are killing on average about 1 person per 1,000 doses overall. In America, that’s over 600,000 Americans.

Interestingly, when eye drops kill a person, they are recalled. When vaccines kill 600,000 Americans, we mandate them.

Unfortunately, the medical community, health authorities, government agencies, and mainstream media will continue to look the other way because to admit the truth would simply be too embarrassing. They will not debate. They will not answer any questions we have. They simply want to censor us and avoid talking about it. And, above all, they want to make sure that the public will never see the death-vax records that will tell everyone exactly what is going on. Those records must never be disclosed.

We live in interesting times. It’s clear to anyone who looks seriously at the data that the US is killing massive numbers of people with these vaccines.

But they don’t want to hear any arguments that they may have made a mistake about these vaccines.


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