“Spítalarnir eru að myrða fólk með því að gefa því Remdesevir og setja það í öndunarvélar ” - og þeir vita það. - mittval.is

“Spítalarnir eru að myrða fólk með því að gefa því Remdesevir og setja það í öndunarvélar ” – og þeir vita það.

Attorney Thomas Renz:

“These Hospitals are Murdering People” and They Know It !

Thomas Renz is an attorney we have previously featured here at Health Impact News. 

He is currently filing federal lawsuits against the government (HHS) for withholding information from the public on how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines are that are killing and injuring so many people.

In this interview with Dr. Vliet, he gives an update on this work, and explains that the government’s own data on Medicare Medicaid treatments show that the Remdesivir drug kills 25% of patients who take it, and that 85% of patients put on ventilators for more than 96 hours end up dying.

He claims that this is purposeful and not an accident, as the people in the hospitals clearly know this is happening. People are saying “don’t give me Remdesivir” and they’re doing it anyways.

That is a battery. He issues a strong warning to doctors working in these hospitals that he intends to hold them accountable for murder.

Dr. Bryan Ardis: We Need to Stop this Murderous Protocol – Everyone’s Lives are Threatened Now!

Dr. Bryan Ardis recently lost his father-in-law to a hospital who forced COVID protocols on him.

He has done extensive studies on the drug Remdesivir and Anthony Fauci’s criminal activities in forcing hospitals to use this dangerous drug, while banning other more effective drugs that are safe.

Dr. Ardis believes that the use of the dangerous Remdesivir drug is the #1 cause of deaths in COVID wards today, not COVID itself. He also states that hospitals are being incentivised financially to recommend Remdesivir over other drugs.

He warns people to stay out of hospitals right now because they are medically and criminally kidnapping people.

Attorney Ali Shultz: Hospital Isolation is the Same as Unlawful Imprisonment and Torture – Crimes Against Humanity

Attorney Lauren Martel: Even if You Don’t Have COVID They May Force COVID Protocols on You

Attorney Lauren Martel has worked together with Dr. Vliet on several patient cases in South Carolina where patients were held as prisoners.

Attorney Martel talks about the decision makers in these hospitals that are responsible for withholding life-saving treatments for COVID-19. She talks about a whistleblower who claims that there is a plan in place to restrict effective treatments even when patients request them.

She is exploring not only legal remedies, but also the possibility of getting law enforcement involved to stop these murderous practices happening in hospitals today.

Attorney Martel also talks about some horrible cases where people went into an ER with no signs of COVID for something else, were given a PCR test and determined to be COVID positive, and then put on COVID protocols even without any symptoms of COVID, and given COVD treatments like Remdesivir and then ended up dying a week later.

Maryann: Marine Veteran and Former Police Officer Father Died as a Medical Prisoner

by The COVID World

ARIZONA, UNITED STATES – A 45-year-old man died less than 24 hours after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Geoffrey Young, an FBI special agent, got the shot on April 17th. Within hours, Geoffrey had several symptoms including a headache and nausea.

His wife checked on him in bed many times because he was rustling around, but he seemed fine, and they thought the side effects were normal.

The next time she saw him several hours later, he was blue, and his arm stretched out hanging off the bed. He wasn’t breathing and he was eventually pronounced dead.

“My husband very much so believed in freedom,” his wife, Ona, said in an Instagram video.

“So much so that he went to work every day to support our freedoms, and to fight for our freedoms. He trusted science, he went and got his shot. He did before it was told that you have to go get this, he did.

And he would giggle at me and tell me ‘Ona, you’re being silly, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. Millions of people are getting them, and they’re fine. We’re gonna be okay.’

Watch the video here:

  • In a very raw and emotional interview, Dr. Vliet interviews a woman named Maryann who just recently lost her father who died as a medically kidnapped prisoner in a hospital.
  • She goes public with her story to try and warn and save others. Like others interviewed in this Press Conference, she warns people to stay out of hospitals and take care of your family members at home.

Dr. Peter McCullough: Proper Early Treatment will Keep You Out of the Hospital.

Dr. Peter McCullough is the chief medical advisor for Truth in Health Foundation, and has been featured often here on Health Impact News.

Dr. McCullough is perhaps the world’s best authority right now on proper early treatment protocols that if implemented right away, will keep one out of the hospital.

He laments the fact that in most hospitals the COVID units are “closed units,” even in the hospital where he works, and there is no way to know what exactly they are doing and what protocols they are using. But the protocols he has developed are now well published and have a proven track record of efficacy and safety.


We are deeply indebted to Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD, for bringing together all of these doctors and attorneys to educate the public on the deplorable condition of hospitals in the United States right now which are committing murder and holding patients as prisoners, and how to fight back against this medical tyranny.

Be sure to visit her organization’s website, Truth for Health Foundation, and download their Fact Sheet on Steps to Take BEFORE Hospitalization.

Then share this information far and wide, and help save lives!

White House To “Quickly” Vaccinate 28 Million Children Age 5-11 as Deaths and Injuries Continue to Increase among 12 to 19-Year-Olds Who Received a COVID-19 Shot

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27,247 Deaths 2,563,768 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database – Taiwan Records More Deaths from Vaccine than Virus

CDC: 16,310 DEAD 778,685 Injured Following COVID-19 Shots – 2.5X More Deaths than Following ALL Vaccines for Past 30 Years – 2,102 Fetal DEATHS

As Deaths and Injuries to Teens Increase After COVID-19 Shots Pfizer Asks FDA for Emergency Authorization to Inject 5 to 11-Year-Olds

Post COVID-19 Injections: The Dead Don’t Speak, but Those with Crippling Injuries Issue Warnings

Denver Policeman Crippled After Mandatory Pfizer Shot – Are Law Enforcement the Key to Resisting Medical Tyranny?

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