The AGN was launched December 12, 2021 specifically as a response to censorship and the MSM stranglehold on truth.

Frontline activists from around the world will give a 10-15 minute update on the status quote in their respective area. So far all of the reports have been hugely insightful and revealing – we truly believe it’s the best insider intel available.

Our team has created a database of attendees and contributors. Anyone interested can email to receive a download link for the recording and syndicate to their social media platforms and to be added to the AGN database.

Guerrilla News (origially Guerilla News Network) was launched on December 12, 2021 with #fukzuk as the rallying cry, specifically as an outraged response to continued censorship and the mainstream media stranglehold on truth and real news – initially with up to 1000 max allowed on a ZOOM call that would then be syndicated by the participants. In our third week we officially hit that capacity – with 2,695 registered to get on the call… and in just six months AGN has become one of the most trusted broadcasts and platforms for truth and on-the-ground news from the front lines around the world, barely known local activists to leading household names.

Activist Call

Currently building out our database of leading voices, front line activists and other truth pioneers fighting against tyranny in all parts of the world. If this is you – or you know or follow someone you think we should feature – please send an email to with ACTIVIST in the subject line. Please include contact info if you have it and not just a link to their work.

Join us as a AGN contributor and change agent!

We cannot think of a better way to join the resistance and push back against the block in truth than starting our own news network. We can all be the difference… lets help our world and cut through the Luciferian deception masquerading as news media. It’s time for humans to become sovereign – we have to save ourselves from this manufactured reality dreamspell!

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Check out the full Apocalypse Crisis Summit replay on


Arise Homo Sapiens! ♥️

An interesting conversation with Dr Charlie Ward divulging information on ‘Ze Great Re-set’ and true royal bloodlines. Excerpted from the 5G Apocalypse Crisis Summit.

Make of it what you will. All opinions welcome on my platform provided it doesn’t issue from the Associated News Networks. 

ARISE! Guerrilla News (AGN) has welcomed well-known Patriot voices like Scott McKay, Dr. Patrick Byrne, Ann Vandersteel, Mel K, David Nino Rodriguez, Sean Stone, Michael Jaco, Leigh Dundas…new systems and sovereignty legends like Mark Passio and Kyle Kemper…leading activists in their countries like Willem Engel in the Netherlands, Yohan Tengras in India (recently winning in their Supreme Court to overturn shot mandates), Traugott Ickeroth in Germany, Danny Kollar in Slovakia,Nate Maxx and the popular Captain Graham Hood from Australia …his Grace Bishop Rhia Abu El Assal, Nurse Kate – considered the most dangerous woman in the UK, the world’s leading bounty hunter Michelle Gomez, world’s greatest authority on False Flags Ole Dammegard and dozens more of our freedom fighters and warriors for truth and sovereignty around the world.

🖥️ EVERYTHING HOME…Your Censorship-Free, Safe Space, Sanctuary Speakeasy for Patriots

Arise Guerrilla News (AGN) Special Event – Election Fraud Prevention & Integrity on 10/2/22

Michele Swinick closes out the event & provides Take Action Items to WIN the Spiritual Battle & the Mid Terms!

#377 (10 min):


Sacha Stone – host
Scott McKay and Mel K – special co-hosts
Dr. Patrick Byrne
Sheriff Richard Mack
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer
Tina Peters
Donna Brandenburg
Dr. Frank G. Douglas
Stephen Stern (Precinct 2.0 initiatives)
Michele Swinick
Joey Gilbert
Dr. Cordie Williams
Leigh Dundas
Ruth Weiss (EIP CA/NV/AZ)
Sarah Stephens (Make California Gold Again)
Jeff Zink
Scotty Saks – co-producer

AGN 23



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