Liz Gunn & her freedom fighters bring bright & powerful hope from New Zealand -

Liz Gunn & her freedom fighters bring bright & powerful hope from New Zealand

My dear Liz Gunn is one of them true heroes, just walking the talk, 24.7 like a clock, facing challenges with no fear & shining a Grace.
Real Heroes are all around us my friends. Just listen. ✨🙏
Thank you my dearest Liz Gunn 🙏 We shall overcome ♥️
Here is the story of Janita and her husband Tony, whom Worksafe are persecuting for allowing freedom of choice within their family-run business.
They will be in Court on 22 June 2022 at 11.45am.
If you would like to donate to help them in their court case, please donate to: ASB – 12-3115-0052162-00
Information regarding the Save Our Children Hikoi is here:
“We are in a version of an abusive relationship with our leaders.
The trust is gone – and when trust goes it never really comes back.”
“A lot of us feel that we’re going mad…
lockdown makes us feel like we’re going mad.”
“We couldn’t get together with loved ones- that’s classic abusive behaviour.”
“Our government told us one thing one day
then changed it
and when we queried it
we were shouted down for being conspiracy theorists”.
Sereca from The ‘Hood NZ shares how they were able to alert the media about the NZ govt rolling out the j*b for under 12-year-olds before the W.H.O even had any safety data.
Visit to find out how you can help contribute to their upcoming court case which could have big implications for NZ
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