Covid-19 þjóðarmorð hrópar eftir óháðum heimsdómstól

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South African government deploys 3,500 soldiers ahead of National Shutdown protest

Climate Related News: Bad things happen when the climate change agenda mixes with politics and banking

IT WAS ALL A LIE: NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic

Study published in Dec. 2020 proved COVID Vaccines could cause Strokes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and Autoimmune Disorder – Is there any wonder why the Five Eyes & Europe have suffered 2 Million Excess Deaths in the past 2 years?

Former Egyptian FM: ‘Everyone knew there were no WMDs in Iraq’, invasion was in place before Bush came to power


Hægt að horfa á í hlutum

Clif High: We have not, yet, experienced ‘hyperinflation’ here in the USA in this modern world breakdown of the financial ‘systems’.

It is coming, though. Likely very soon. Maybe even this week.

Hyperinflation is defined by the ‘hyper’ part. You only get ‘hyper’ when humans are involved. It is all about the emotion of it all.

You see, hyperinflation is when people get totally, full on Karen FREAKED OUT by what is happening to the money. The hyper part of the hyperinflation comes from people getting ‘hyper’, and reaching near ‘maniacal’ states of emotional reaction to events.

No Wind Power In Summer? Solar Panels Won’t Save You!

Bill Gates and the WHO want a Global Health Emergency Corps

Sounds a bit like an army

USA criticized globally over MQ-9 drone incident

U.S. proxy war with Russia has nothing to do with Ukraine’s freedom and everything to do with regime change in Moscow

Washington is nearing the point of no return in its drive to create a globalized net-zero, carbon-free slave state

Fréttasíða með miklum upplýsingum

Credit Suisse, which was the second largest bank in Switzerland, and considered a “too big to fail” bank, has failed.

Swiss authorities rushed through a deal late Sunday in an attempt to prevent a whole-scale stock market crash before trading started in Asia, along with futures trading in the U.S.

Ten Days” that Changed the World

Þetta er all nokkuð…

Dr. William Makis & Dr. Paul Alexander discuss i) mature minors given COVID mRNA shots in Canada with no parental consent, ii) pilots collapsing in flight due to possible vaccine induced myocarditis,

iii) airlines now considering flying one pilot & the pending disaster iv) young girls myocarditis v) many high school students having heart attacks post COVID gene shot and needing defibrillators.

Setting the record straight on the teeming media swamp that supported Iraq war

The Globalist Attack on Masculinity with Raw Egg Nationalist – The FreedomCast Ep. 2

Falling testosterone levels. Soyboys everywhere. What is going on?

1 klst 13 min

Scratched EV battery? Your insurer may have to junk the whole car

Blood Alterations : A Six Part Series

Blood Alterations II : Means & Methods

Blood Alterations III : Transformation

Blood Alterations IV : Foreign Protein Analysis

Blood Alterations V : Sources of Current

Blood Alterations VI : Implications & Consequences

Unvaccinated Blood Unrecognizable After Application Of Low Level Electrical Current And Structures Rapidly Grow – Clifford Carnicom’s Findings Confirmed

“Eat Ze Bugs”—Climate Change and the War against Humanity

Recap of last week’s VSRF update: Pfizer whistleblower

Also: Attorneys Jeff Childers, Sujata Gibson, Bobbie Anne Flower Cox & Dr. Pierre Kory

We had a remarkable VSRF Update this past Thursday with Pfizer whistleblower Melissa McAtee. Melissa’s insider knowledge was eye-opening and revealed the extent of the corruption within not just Pfizer but the entire Covid-19 mRNA ‘vaccine’ project. A few quotes:


Today’s update

Nú er verið að “herða”…..

Net zero must be brought forward by a decade to stop ‘climate time bomb’, says UN

Rising emissions in recent years mean cuts will have to be more extreme than current plans, report claims

U.N. Is A Climate “Disinformation Threat Actor”

By Michael Shellenberger

Report Linking Fluoride to Lower IQ in Children Made Public After CDC, HHS Tried to Block It ( þetta hefur verið vitað í áratugi )

Primary Series and Boosters–No Impact on Maternal COVID-19 Test Positivity

Large Study Published in BMJ Ignored Safety, Found No Benefit with Dangerous Injections

Young People Are Being Terrorised By Climate Hoax Propaganda

The depopulation agenda, Part 1

William Hunter Duncan (Born on the Fourth of July); this snippet comes from a huge piece he wrote that I have in cue, but this section is so important I wanted it out there as a tee up; Duncan’s work

You might have noticed, that is not what your betters believe about you. Much of this Covid-19 “pandemic” was about separating you from what makes you human.

Spike detoxifying formulation with fibrinolytic Nattokinase may provide you the support needed post COVID mRNA technology gene injection vaccine; as the science matures & develops, consult with your

doctor on using this cheap, available, safe formulation from The Wellness Company (Foster Coulson); be sure to factor in allergies, if you are a bleeder (this is a blood thinner) or have intolerances

UCSF orders their doctors to ignore COVID vaccine injuries

They don’t file VAERS reports either. That’s a violation of federal law. I had a bunch of questions for their media relations department, but they ghosted me. Here’s what I wanted to know.

URGENT: Bill Gates, the world’s most dangerous centi-billionaire, proves he has learned NOTHING from the last three years

He is going to keep on pouring money into efforts to stop the next pandemic until he finally succeeds in making one that kills us all

Karen Kingston: “I hate to break it to the inventors of mRNA ‘vaccine’ technologies, including Dr. Malone, who believe that when they are falsely representing gene-editing nanotechnologies that are

being used for purposes of forceably directing evolution of humans to merge with digital technologies & express DNA from insects & reptiles, this is not ethical. mRNA ‘vaccines’ are grossly unethical.

Where Does The Idea of a “False Flag Alien Invasion” Come From: Is One Really In the Works?

The Massive COVID Racket Nearly No One Knows About

Conflicts of Interest: Pfizer’s Secret Collusion With the NIH

Gates:  Masks for livestock……..

See Why This One Simple & FREE Solution Is Being Called The Most Important Health Discovery Ever!

The video above is a documentary of a man in Alaska who discovered the power of grounding (or earthing) and sharing his experiences in his town.

Also, here’s a short film about the power of earthing…



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