Forsætisráðherra Póllands leggur fram "dr. Mengele" frumvarp á heilbrigðissviði. -

Forsætisráðherra Póllands leggur fram “dr. Mengele” frumvarp á heilbrigðissviði.

Forsætisráðherra Póllands, Mateusz Morawiecki ,leggur fram óhugnalegt frumvarp á heilbrigðissviði.

Myndlýsing ekki til staðar.

Frumvarpið lesa hér á pólsku



Nokkur comment:  Russia already has a very similar package of laws- especially regarding “mandatory evacuation”.
. . . Also, at the very same time Russia upgraded their State Standards regarding mass burials . .
. .  Upgraded standards contain words like ” mass burials in peacetime” . . .
. . . already in, in new Zealand same legislation . . .
. . . . The scariest thing is that the government defines what is a natural disaster, so these measures can be enacted at anytime . . . .
. . . It is called an Emergency Powers Act, the civilian equivalent of Martial Law
This is called the Emergency Act the same laws that the government want to pass in the Netherlands. It is very much like Martial Law .
Already in Australia they passed these type laws during the pandemic… The state of Victoria is still currently operating under the Emergency Powers Act and has been for the last 2+ years.
At the beginning of the pandemic it was for a ‘one off’ 12 min period but every time it comes up for review they lengthen it for a further 6 min…
As I said we are still under this Act which has been revised and its scope expanded over this time….


These are emergency powers. Invoked when a State of Emergency is declared.\ In Australia they declared continual states of emergency for the whole of the two covid years even though there was never any evidence of anything at an ’emergency’ level. Criminal malfeasance. Went unnoticed, of course. And while the situation continued they used many of those emergency measures: locking people up without trial or sentence, etc. And the thing is now they legislate, have done already in some places, to have these powers at hand WITHOUT needing to declare a State of Emergency. In other words, powers deliberately kept away from them and handed over only reluctantly when a state of emergency seemed to make it necessary, they now make ‘normal. And: the population, at all levels, says nothing. Yep. We’re going down the tubes.
Vicky Flanagan
Very worrying – if this is going through in Poland then the chances are that similar measures are being prepared or being presented to governments in other countries.
The scariest thing is that the government defines what is a natural disaster, so these measures can be enacted at anytime
Sounds like the oligarchs are getting desperate Just remember that this document is still in draft form, so you powerful Polish people can still fight back! Stay strong


Ian Turner
It is called an Emergency Powers Act, the civilian equivalent of Martial Law

I live in the Czech Republic. What you are saying is terrifying. Something sinister and very scary is happening, not only in Europe, but around the world (I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but the situation, and the behaviour of those in power is too obvious to pretend otherwise). We “the people” need to be aware and be prepare for what “they” are planning for us. I’m sending everyone my best wishes of health, joy and abundance…and freedom to enjoy it, as it is our right.

P Dee
I was born in Czechoslovakia, escaped communism and grew up with many Polish friends in Canada. I hold great admiration for what I saw of the Polish people’s character, but it seems that either that last few generations have been westernized into anemia and some mental disease or the Government is simply crazy. After all of what the Poles went through with WW2 and their awful fling with communism – have they forgotten all the lessons of tyranny and how easy it is to wind up in misery? Say it isn’t so.

Le Chat
This is scary stuff. I can`t believe that they truly think they`ll get away with this craziness. Thanks Ania!

This is called the Emergency Act the same laws that the government want to pass in the Netherlands. It is very much like Martial Law . Thank you very much Ania . I hope to see you in GG . Take care .

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S Dickinson

The most dangerous part is the price controls. They prevent sellers from raising prices then suddenly there is no food available to buy. Then the government will provide you with your weekly food ration.

Patrick Farrell
Thank you Anya for your update. I’ve a feeling these edicts will eventually hit all European countries sooner or later.

Some countries in EU have already tried something similar… don’t give up, spread the word. This is going soooo to far. My prayers for your coutry, I met wonerful polish people on my vacay …

Power of NOW
I think this is part of the last wake up people…..we either stand together for our freedom or be controlled by the government all around the world…….this is it we either wake up or play dead or roll over it’s up to us🙏🙏👼👼🇨🇦🇨🇦

They will declare this winter as a natural disaster. Winter is a natural phenomenon and this winter will be disastrous for Europe. When putting those two together, this winter will be interpreted for this document as a natural disaster.

Wesley Johnson
My prayers for you and all the Polish people. This madness needs to stop!

Joyful Hippy
I hope to god this never gets passed or implemented in any way ever. Much love from the UK ❤

Tracy Bell
WEF plan this for all of us all over the world.

Peter Waine
Did all that about two year ago here in the UK, they can take you away, demolish your house and destroy all your possessions…they changed the Act about two or three months before the pandemic broken out, it was like they knew it was going to happen, but yes, the same legislation was passed here in the UK.

Norma Tellez
Ania, Unacceptable may this Polish legislation not pass as I ask God for protection against this unjust and inhumane action against Poland citizens. Thank you informing us infuriating!! Be safe🙏


Its happening everywhere 😪 and most people are unaware. Thank you for sharing ❤

Thank you for recOrding this!! It is crazy scary.
I am Swedish and I am terrified about what is happening, and I am ready to bug out from society and take my chances in the wilderness.
I wish you best of luck!

Josie Donovan
I just feel so much rage. I’m in the UK. But this is a WEF blueprint. Well all I can say is they’ll have to drag me out kicking and screaming id sooner die than comply.

Ruth Greening
I’ve been thinking about this! I saw where people in Sydney were herded like cattle into a football stadium and jabbed, without parental consent! A whole secondary school! Was it real? I don’t know! Do they have these laws passed also? Another video talked about detained people in psychiatric hospital and jabbed them. This was the only way that they were able to escape. Forced inoculation. Some were detained by police, instead of getting speeding fine, they were sent in ambulance against their will to hospital. Sounds like Na-tzi style.
Where is the Polish opposition? It looks like freedom is rapidly disappearing all over the world.
Lola Shuffle

Already in Australia they passed these type laws during the pandemic… The state of Victoria is still currently operating under the Emergency Powers Act and has been for the last 2+ years. At the beginning of the pandemic it was for a ‘one off’ 12 mth period but every time it comes up for review they lengthen it for a further 6 months. As I said we are still under this Act which has been revised and its scope expanded over this time.

Thanks Ania, Like you I am horrified at this. It would not surprise me if the draconian government in my country (New Zealand) tries to introduce something similar.
You have alerted our local freedom groups, thank you!

My heart goes out to all of humanity, may we stop this nightmare and awake from this evil dream…
I remember when the E.U. classed the Euro crises as a “natural disaster” in order to make financial bailouts legal under E.U. law.
If they can call that a natural disaster then pretty much anything can be.

Liz M
Thank you for your update. This is extremely concerning! After the last 3 years of everyone sleep walking in fear & control creeping in nicely it all comes as no surprise!!
Maria Creager
We need to support Maciek Maciak who creates our citizens movement. I’m happy I’ve found your channel.


It doesn’t matter why the government makes a plan or what department creates it. What matters is that it exists, the mechanisms to execute it have been understood, and the proper preparations have been made for implementation. “Natural disaster” or “War”, all these measures will be available on a moment’s notice.
James R. White
Pretty sure that similar laws will be rolled out in other European countries. And let’s not forget the EU legislative train, with millions of pages that nobody can even read in a life time. Dark times for Europe.


Thanks for sharing from Canada! I like to pay attention to goings on in the world. It’s scary to see how the west is becoming more and more totalitarian. To stay free we must unite and stock together. Don’t support big business. Pay more for local or do your best. Duck Amazon and and other multinational corporations.


Jason Mellinship
People are either walking around with their heads up their ass or fighting in gangs to give a crap who the REAL enemies are.
Carol Wright
Thank you for taking the time to translate everything for us, much appreciated.
Annetta Jensen
Some of this legislation is currently in Victoria’s Australian parliament for us to be directed by the UN !!!


Stay strong Poland 🇵🇱 what a beautiful country you are! I will fight for you and I’m from England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪🏻
We had it before but its now updated to new reality. Last one was only detailed to nuclear threat/war but it was written in 90s from what I remember. Every country has one and its quite normal. Most of people that were in army know about these type of law’s. We even had training to similar scenario.
vMac 89
The video game  takes place in Poland… in 2084 though… and everything you mentioned existed on a high tech level.
Lockdowns, pandemic, tracking, and even going inside someone’s brain.. X
Georgia Nakopoulou
Thank you for a very clear translation.Everything is going to get from mad to worse throughout the entire Eurozone and not only.New maps,sea- routes,etc.will be imposed again but not before the infrastructure of countries and lifestyles has been demolished.Be strong,love from a granny in Greece.
LeRoy Bishop

You did a great job translating and your presentation was wonderful. Stay strong👍🙏

George Kirby
And sadly this is why they have primed almost everyone to submit without question over the last two years. The worst is yet to come!
Man alive. This thing is globle. I’m from the US and they’re trying to implement these kinds of things here. I hope people are standing up there and I wish more would stand up here and around the world. None the less this end day scenario has been prophesied and here it is. God Bless and stand firm in faith



My Polish is not so good so I appreciate your videos in English very much on what is going on in Poland. I would appreciate it if you could please elaborate more on these points and present possible scenarios of what could happen around the country. Best wishes.
Marlon Smith
You are a very valuable asset to the world by broadcasting these things!. In short time millions will be aware !. Please continue to keep the people informed. Thank you for your efforts to support freedom every where!.
Access Denied
Thank you for sharing the scary truth. God save the good people of this world. This is getting too close to the sci-fi movies we watched as kids.
Control Your Self.
Please keep up the good work. You ARE helping many people by sharing this information. KEEP GOING! Thank-You. xo
ra dow
Prayers for Poland.
Jacinta Chadwick
Very interesting. Looks like last few years were a trial run to bring about all you have mentioned. Thanks for informative video.( an Irish viewer)
Anja, please look up Obama’s Executive Order 13 603. When it came out, not one US media paid any attention to it. There was only one small article in Huffington Post written by some worried person. The Executive Order talks about confiscation of land, water, natural resources… everything. Even people. For example if you are an engineer and the state will need you, you will have to work for the state. Which reminds me of USSR 🙂 And what the hell is Morawiecki up to?
Alan Speaight
Thankyou for Yr tireless work Ania, Our fight continues worldwide with us digital soldiers being prepared to take the snide comments from some quarters but still keeping our heads held high as we march on. We will win this Sick war against the political/elitest Vermin that we are up against. We are many but they are few and they will lose the ultimate battle through their Cowardice and Ignorance.
Anthony Molloy
Excellent information. We need more people like you. Keep it up
peter mandley
Well done true polish spirit love from uk keep it up !!!!!!
Thank you for sharing this. What can anyone do? It feels so hopeless everywhere
Dark Vapor
Strength in numbers, surround yourself with like minded people.. govt tyranny will never prevail !
There’s word that Poland is having trouble with the EU and is trying to lead a consortium of countries to stand against EU hegemony, particularly against Germany and France. Something like this. But with legislation within Poland like that described here, it seems that Poland must still be in the clutches of the WEF and should not be trusted to lead other countries. And not to forget that these same legislators were the same as those who supported the Ukraine war and sanctions against Russia.
Paul Melonas
So in short, Polish citizens will do and won’t do whatever the Polish govt says whenever they say it
Brown Eye lady
I would like them to define “natural disaster” sounds more like a new world order push
Alexandr Pyankov
We are 2 years into Great Economical Depression. Most fun parts are ahead.
Chrissie Aghedo
Here in the UK we already had some of these measures put into legislation during the lockdowns. I read the parliamentary papers & some inclusions were: authorities have the right to remove ‘infected’ or ‘suspected infected’ people to a designated ‘facility’ for quarantine & treatment. Also to seize and/or demolish property suspected of being infected with said virus. Also the ability to prevent any demonstration which are considered to be ‘interrupting’ the movement of people to their homes/work so basically if it could cause any inconvenience. These are just a couple of sections in the paper. I’m sure there are many more.
Do not comply. You have your bodily rights…this one really got me.
Michael Genova
My Prayers are with you 🙏 from Colorado USA
Silvana Acevski
Similar medical procedures are being brought for legislation ONLY in 1 state Perth Western Australia 🇦🇺 I heard that yesterday
1 Hour Escape
The reason why this is so important is we know damned well that whatever country we’re in (Canada here) it’s coming for us too. Definitely. What do we do?
Dan L
Time to get out the pitchforks and show people power
Judith Brock
Be safe dear and let’s pray it goes nowhere. These are crazy uncertain times globally. I think we finally entered the war between Good & Evil. The crazies at the top of the pyramid have planned the destruction of humanity for a very long time. I really don’t think they are human.
In Mexico such plundering measures have not been “legislated” because the cartels and criminals already have, and will have even more, control over daily life. But you can tell they have similar measures here as well…Just recently the federal police was handed over to the military. They know there will be chaos everywhere and they will need more centralization. More reasons to prepare and train. Prepare and train! I wish well lady friend 😊

Nick Homer
By 2030 most of us will be gone. Scary stuff. Thanks for posting this. It is nice to having Intel from other countries. We are all going to be in trouble real soon to page the way for the agenda 2030.

Zal Moxis
Polish people have to wake up fast….

A J D’Arc
Netherlands on the look out! Keep up the good watch👊🏽🙋🏾‍♀

This is exactly what is happening on our Kauai Government! We need to all get involved in our local government go to meetings go to neighbors talk be loud be herd! Stand strong we the people are more than the so called elected!
Do you remember the Act passed in Ukraine on 12 July that gave Poles, “special rights,” in Ukraine? Is this how they are folding Polish solidiers into the Ukrainian front line forces to fight the Russians?
Ruralwave Tech 1
Prayers from Canada. We are in the same boat here.

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